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Communication is at the heart of all great work.
Make it matter.

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The work you do makes our world a better place. Your ability to communicate within your organization and about it determines your ability to make the biggest positive impact.

Delivering compelling presentations at work is one of the best — yet rarest— leadership skills. How many times have you sat through a presentation, watching the clock, while someone read through their word-stuffed slides? We’re guessing far too many times. Everyone has the capacity to be an excellent speaker, yet most people think they can just ‘wing it.’ The truth is, they end up missing an opportunity to deliver a presentation that motivates and inspires – and truly connects with their audience.

For organizations, not having effective speaking skills means that meeting time goes wasted (at best), and at worst, it means that client facing interactions don’t go well. This could mean lost sales and frustrated clients.

What could happen if your sales closing rate doubled in the next year? Or if your fundraising efforts significantly outpaced last year’s donations? And imagine if team members left meetings focused and energized – what great work would be inspired by this energy and focus?

Learning to deliver presentations with clarity and confidence has the power to transform people, for both the speaker and the audience. And when people  emerge transformed, your organizations has nearly limitless capacity to achieve your wildest goals.

When a leader delivers their message with clarity and confidence, teams leave inspired, clients come through the door, and companies are able to make a difference with their message.


Michelle’s training was thought-provoking, engaging and informative. I would recommend this training to any professional who has to engage in any level of group discussion. The training is fun, provocative and jam packed with useful tips and suggestions based on proven results.

Lori S., Sales Supervisor (technology)

Curriculum Includes:

  • Two complete days of training in person and on-site, customized to your teams’ needs
  • Small class size of 20-24 to allows for plenty of opportunities for questions and attention from facilitator
  • Day 1: Interactive workshop style training where attendees can bring in material for upcoming presentations. Thorough curriculum on how to craft content using best public speaking practices.
  • Day 2:  Opportunities to practice presentation and delivery in various formats including virtual meetings, webinars, and in person meetings.
  • Attendees will learn how to:
    • Understand and apply the clear structure of a great presentation
    • Mine their experience and credible outside sources for powerful stories
    • Incorporate data in interesting ways to crystallize content audiences
    • Use amplifying presentation aids, including how to eliminate Death by PowerPoint  
    • Craft concise presentations
    • Inspire action and motivate new ideas and thinking in their audience.   
    • Manage, and even capitalize on, nervous energy using effective anxiety reduction skills

This workshop is perfect for:

  • Leaders, and those who want to become stronger leaders
  • Sales team members eager to close more deals  
  • Those who want to deliver presentations that energize, not bore
  • Teams looking to increase their communication effectiveness across the organization
  • Non-profit leaders who need to communicate their message in a more compelling way  

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I didn’t expect the flexibility and wisdom, as opposed to just tactics and gimmicks as I have seen in the past. Michelle’s style sets a standard and is a great example of a great presentation. Powerful, truthful, new information.

Jillian C., Marketing & Sales Manager


I learned a formula to put together a talk. I can modify my talk or create a whole new one to meet the needs of the group I’m speaking to.


I’ve got a template that I can tweak for any type of talk. That is flexibility. I’ve expanded my ability and confidence to speak on several topics. I’m excited and grateful to have all this in my medicine bag after the course!

If you want to be a better speaker at work, this program is for you.

We’ll teach you (and your team!) how to lead meetings that leave people engaged and energized, rather than watching the clock.

Any audience, whether just a few gathered in a meeting room or an event center of hundreds, comes into your presentation with low capacity for time and attention. So it takes a truly compelling speaker and a well crafted presentation to engage an audience.

Meet Michelle

Michelle Barry Franco is the founder and lead facilitator for Speak So It Matters. She has helped over 1,000 people become more captivating, engaging speakers.

She’s devoted over thirty years of her life to the study and practice of public speaking. Along the way she earned a Master’s degree in Speech Communication, a BA in Cognitive Psychology and a certification in Whole Person Coaching. In addition to spending 10+ years teaching public speaking at the college level, she’s worked with organizations in many industries, including technology, insurance, finance, health care, pharmaceuticals, and non-profit sectors. Whether a C-suite leader or rising individual contributor, Michelle teaches them to express their ideas with clarity and confidence.

Witnessing the positive ripple effects of leaders’ stories, lessons learned, and expertise is the greatest joy in Michelle’s professional life.

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