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At Speak So It Matters, we’ve helped hundreds of leaders, in all kinds of industries, become powerful leadership speakers through our coaching, workshops and online courses.

Becoming a great speaker is a learned skill. The best, most well known speakers may look as if they’re just on stage ‘winging it’ – but they have spent years honing their craft. Even those who seem to have natural charisma on stage have gotten there through understanding the structure of a great speech, effective speaking delivery, and they nearly always have expert support along the way.

Our signature on-site workshops and online courses teach you how to use public speaking to amplify your voice for good to benefit both your career and your organization.


Thank you again for the terrific presentation you gave to our group on Tuesday. Everyone from President to HR manager learned something new.  At our dinner that evening, and also on Wednesday, I continued to hear great comments about your talk.

Rebecca Spooner, VP of Administration, Colson Associates


Michelle ~ Rave reviews! Fabulous! Fabulous! Thanks a million.

Joan (and the Board)


Thank you so much for your recent presentation. We could spend hours listening to you and all of your knowledge.  We are so grateful for your eloquent expertise.

Julie and the NEW Board


Michelle, I want to thank you for your presentation at Network. In my 16 years with the organization, I have seen many speakers. I thought you were up there with the best.


How it All Began.

Michelle Barry Franco has been a lifelong public speaker. She began speaking publicly in her high school years when she felt helpless after a family tragedy, and knew that she needed to do something meaningful to cope with her grief. 

The feeling of sharing a story from the stage — and seeing how it impacted people — electrified Michelle. She continued speaking publicly, earned a Master’s Degree in Speech Communication, and taught at the college level for over a decade. Speaking, and most importantly, teaching others to speak publicly, became Michelle’s professional mission.

After 10 years coaching leaders at every level in business and thought leaders across many industries, Michelle decided it was time to take the process she was teaching to a much broader audience. She founded Speak So It Matters because she knows that there is no more powerful way to make a difference for many people at once than authentic, powerful public speaking. When voices for good learn to speak with greater impact, our world is positively changed. This is the mission of Speak So It Matters: Amplifying Voices for Good.

Michelle has distilled decades of knowledge, experience, and training into a comprehensive suite of courses for leaders at every level, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and organizations making a positive difference in our world.

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One might think that with years of public speaking under my belt, a coach wouldn’t make much impact – but boy did she.

Michelle helped me sharpen my talk’s focus, structure the flow of the story, and smooth out the rough parts.

Beyond her impacts as a speaking professional, she also was my #1 cheerleader, which was incredibly helpful. If you have an important message and you want it to be impactful and heard, you need Michelle.

Ron Fritz, CEO & TEDx Speaker